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  At one time in the past forests of longleaf pine covered up to 70 million China band saw machine acres of the southeastern United States. However, did you know that heart pine provides yet even more durability and beauty? This gorgeous wood comes from the very inside of the trunk, or the heart of the tree. While it does provide strong, durable and gorgeous hardwood flooring, the refurbished wood is often expensive and may even be hard to come by. But if you find a supplier who's knowledgeable about the history and source of the genuine product, you may very well end up with your own beautifully furnished hardwood floors! Many home owners and antique collectors search for this wood today in old buildings and from antique furnishings because of its unique beauty and strength.Also known as southern longleaf yellow pine, old growth pine or pitch pine, this gorgeous amber-hued wood provides the natural beauty of many antique cabinets, flooring, furniture and other wooden products. Several industrial buildings in large cities like Chicago or Boston utilized the longleaf pine during the time of the Industrial Revolution. Because of its tremendous strength, it was also used for the structural support of many buildings.One of the most popular uses today for this beautifully restored historical wood is flooring. Since these longleaf pines take centuries to grow, new wood is virtually impossible to find. This way, they can reuse this gorgeous wood for their homes, flooring, furniture or cabinets.

The wood was valued for its beauty as well as its strength. During the early 19th century, heart pine was used for flooring, paneling, and furnishing for public buildings, plantations and private homes. The tight pattern of the inner growth rings also provides a beautiful texture. Instead, many rely on recycled wood from old buildings which have been demolished.Unfortunately, all this use in the United States combined with exportation to Europe caused the 70 million acres of pine to quickly decrease. The forests contained trees that had lived from 150 to 400 years growing up to 175 feet tall! These gorgeous trees are the source for historical heart pine. With its longevity, strength and durability, even refurbished heart pine wood continues to allow home owners to enjoy gorgeously textured flooring with a unique and natural amber-colored hue. In fact, today only about 5% of those acres remain. Refurbished wood is the best option since the new wood found today doesn't resemble the same texture and coloring as the historical pines.The History of Heart Pine RELATED ARTICLES Why Invest in Heart Pine? The Benefits Of Heart Pine Heart Pine Considerations for Flooring Antique Heart Pine – Reasons to Consider.

It Heart Pine - Reclaimed and Reusable Heart Pine Wood Adds a Touch of Elegance to Your Home Heart Pine Flooring Has Many Advantages Antique Heart Pine Flooring - Too Good to Pass Up Antique Heart Pine Flooring Can Add A Touch of Class Heart Pine and Other Antique Flooring Selecting the Type of Pine for Your Pine Beams Antique Heart Pine Flooring: Class and Historical Elegance Antique Heart Pine Flooring Restoration Antique Heart Pine Flooring Explanations Is Heart Pine The Right Flooring Material For You?It's available as refurbished wood today, but at one time heart pine was the most popular new wood that could be used for flooring, cabinetry, furniture and many other projects. The refurbished timbers and beams can be cut to a size that's perfect for hardwood floors. It's rare beauty is virtually unknown in new woods today, since most of the original trees were cut down and used for buildings during the Industrial Revolution. Many wealthy individuals also chose this gorgeous wood for their home furnishings and cabinetry throughout the home. Pine flooring has been known to be a durable material for cabinetry, flooring, furnishings and many other woodworking projects for generations. By the turn of the century, genuine heart pine was a very hard wood to find.

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